According to Klaeber's glossary, "aglæc-wif" translates as: "wretch, or monster of a woman." Klaeber's glossary also defines "aglæca/æglæca" as "monster, demon, fiend" when referring to Grendel or Grendel's mother and as "warrior, hero" when referring to the character Beowulf. [Wikipedia]

My NaNoWriMo Stats

Donation Time!!

Every year my company sponsors a giving campaign and each year I try to choose a different organization that I feel can benefit from the company match.  Last year I donated to the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services organization in Madison, WI.  This year I am happy to announce I have chosen to send my payroll deduction and match to the wonderful Heifer Team organized by Patrick Rothfuss and his friends: WorldBuilders!  Help spread the love around!

I have also setup a recurring matched donation for the Clinton Global Initative via the William J. Clinton Foundation!  Huzzah!  Changing the world a dollar at a time!

"There are so many little dyings. How do we know which one of them is death?" ~Kenneth Patchen~